• Miniature Joints

    The Rotherm Miniature Rotary Joint is a single passage joint designed for applications that require small spaces.

    The Spherical Seal Rotor combination provides a sealing surface that compensates for angular misalignment.

    Standard construction utilizes a stainless steel body and stainless steel rotor. The body is also offered in aluminum.

    Suitable for : Water, Air, Hydraulic Oil

  • Series 700 Timing Valve-1

    The Series 700 Rotherm Timing Valve is designed to provide automatic on-off control of air or fluids and it is often used with rotary tables to provide control of clamping devices or to control supply air or liquids to a process.

    The rotor rotates with the rotary table and normally has several individual connections for devices at each work station. These connections can be pressurized or exhausted at specific times during rotation, thus allowing for parts to be automatically clamped or unclamped or other pneumatic operations sequenced. The base is stationary. The supply line enters the base.

    A Timing Plate is custom designed for each application to provide the exact control sequence.

    Timing Valves are offered with multiple circuits and multiple stations.

  • 59-2

    • Single or Multiple Ports
    • Shaft or External Feed
    • Designs for High Speeds and Pressures
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  • 59-1

    • Up to Six Passage
    • NPT or SAE ports
    • Pressure up to 5000 PSI
    • Speeds up to 2000 RPM
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  • 59-3

    • Low Torque
    • Speeds up to 20000 RPM
    • Pressure up to 150 PSI
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