Talco and Rotherm Rotary Unions
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Olympic Joints


Series 6900 Multi passage Flange Mounted Unions-1

Rotary Joints for General Industry (Steam, Hot Oil, Air/Gasses)

Rotary Joints for the Food and Beverage Industry

Multi Passage Flange Mounted Unions

Water & Hydraulic Unions

Wafer Processing Unions

2200 Series

Water & Hydraulic Unions


Wafer Processing Unions

Single Passage Rotary Unions

Series 8050 & 8200 Co-Axial Rotary Union

Vanguard Joints


Coaxial Rotary Unions

Expansion Joints

Coolant Unions

Series 600 Around The Shaft -1

Series 700 Timing Valve-1

Series 900 High Pressure Rotary joint-1

Series 600 Rotary Joint - Around The Shaft

Custom Products

High Speed Rotary Unions