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Air Cooled Rotary Joint

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The Rotherm Air Cooled Rotary Joint is a single passage joint designed for applications that require heat dissipation. Typically these joints would be used in applications where there is low flow or no flow, and high speed, for example, where the joint is transmitting pressure.

The Spherical Seal, H-Sleeve, Rotor combination provides a sealing surface that compensates for angular misalignment. The cooling fins conduct heat away from the sealing surfaces.

Standard construction utilizes an aluminum body and stainless steel rotor. The body is also offered in aluminum.

Suitable for: Water, Air & Hydraulic Oil

D dimension will be slightly larger for cooling fins.

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F2201001 1/4 in 5.14 in 3.68 in 1.30 in 2.25 in
F2201002 1/2 in 5.14 in 3.68 in 1.30 in 2.25 in
F2201003 3/4 in 6.23 in 4.69 in 1.44 in 3 in
F2201004 1 in 6.56 in 4.69 in 1.44 in 3 in
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