The Series 300 Rotherm Rotary Joint is designed for applications requiring one or two passages. Typical applications are steam dryers, chilling drums, calendars, food processing machinery.

The Rotary Joint automatically compensates for lateral and/or angular misalignment, utilizing a carbon-graphite hemispherical seal.

The joint is mounted with two studs, threaded into the machine’s bearing journal, or a simple mounting bracket connected to a support stand.

Standard construction is nickel plated steel, stainless steel is available. Rotor flange is customized to customer’s machine, body flange is customized to customer’s piping.
Unit of Measure



N/A 3 to 8 in


N/A Nickel Plated Steel Stainless Steel

Performance Specifications

Max. Pressure

N/A 450 psig

Max. Speed

N/A 1500 rpm

Max. Temperature

N/A 500 ºF